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Tariff Information

A tariff is a legal document approved by the Florida Public Service Commission that specifies the charges, terms and conditions under which Florida City Gas provides service to its customers.

Florida City Gas – Tariff

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Rate Case Information

On May 31, 2022, Florida City Gas filed with the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) a petition for a base rate increase. The request will allow us to continue to meet our commitment of providing safe and reliable natural gas service to our customers throughout Florida. You can view the petition and associated documents at the FPSC’s website, or the links below.

For more information, please view the documents and frequently asked questions below.

00 - Customer Notice

01 - Petition for Base Rate Increase 20220069-GU

02 - Direct Testimony of Kurt S. Howard and Exhibit KSH-1 - 20220069-GU

03 - Direct Testimony of Mark Campbell and Exhibits MC-1 through MC-6 - 20220069-GU

04 - Direct Testimony of Liz Fuentes and Exhibits LF-1 through LF-6 - 20220069-GU

05 - Direct Testimony of Tara DuBose and Exhibits TBD-1 through TBD-6 - 20220069-GU

06 - Direct Testimony of Jennifer Nelson and Exhibits JEN-1 through JEN-10 - 20220069-GU

07 - Direct Testimony of Ned Allis and Exhibits NWA-1 (2022 Depreciation Study) through NWA-5 - 20220069-GU

08 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule A

09 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule B

10 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule C

11 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule D

12 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule E

13 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule G

14 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule H

15 - Minimum Filing Requirements, Schedule I

16 - Rate Case Synopsis


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a base rate case?

A utility rate case is the formal regulatory process by which the FPSC approves rates for a utility that are fair, just and reasonable, and allow the utility to provide safe and reliable service to its customers.


Why is this rate plan happening?

This rate plan will enable us to continue to deliver American, safe and reliable natural gas.
While we have been prudent and effective in managing our costs, providing natural gas service to Floridians for more than 73 years, we are seeking recovery due to the following:

- Significant capital investment to respond to customer growth and demand, improve system safety and enhance system resiliency.
- Inflation and increased operational costs, including increased damage prevention efforts, enhanced oversight over safety and quality control, and implementation of additional technology.
- Enhancing customer experience with technology.
- Safely and reliably meeting the requirements of new residential and business growth in Florida


How often does a rate increase happen?

We have not requested a general base rate agreement since 2017.
For the period from 2019 through 2023, FCG projects to invest more than $235 million in infrastructure and general plant capital to support customer growth, enhance customer service, adhere to increasing regulatory compliance requirements and sustain the reliability of its system.
If approved by the FPSC, new rates would take effect February 2023.


When will my bill increase?

The proposed rates would take effect February 2023, pending approval by the FPSC.
If the proposed rate increase is approved, FCG anticipates that the average residential bill will increase by less than half the current rate of inflation over the 4-year term of the rate case.


What is the process for the Commission to consider raising a utility’s rates?

The FPSC will study our request and host public hearings in our service areas.
They will evaluate the case under the commission’s legal obligation to balance consumer needs to receive reliable services at reasonable rates with the utility’s need to earn a reasonable return on investment.


How can the public participate in the decision?

Once Florida City Gas files an official request, the FPSC will host hearings throughout our service areas to allow customers to share their feedback about our service. Customers are invited to attend these meetings where they will have an opportunity to speak.


What is the rate increase going to pay for?

FCG’s operating costs have continued to increase since its last rate case in 2018 due to customer growth and system expansion, increased damage prevention efforts, enhanced oversight over safety and quality control, and implementation of additional technology.
We will increase implementation of the use of damage prevention technology to predict future damage, which resulted in a 15% reduction of damaged underground pipelines since 2020. This preventive strategy is helping to ensure continued safe operations for the customers and the communities we serve.
The communities where we live and serve trust us to deliver natural gas in good and bad weather, especially for the critical infrastructure facilities we support, including hospitals, water treatment plants and public transportation.

If you have any further questions, please contact us today




The SAFE Program

In 2015, the Florida Public Service Commission approved the SAFE Program from Florida City Gas -- a 10-year enhancement and investment program to improve the natural gas pipeline system. The main purpose of the program is to replace and relocate gas lines for greater safety and reliability. The SAFE Program is installing newer, technologically advanced plastic pipelines with a longer useful life, as well as making them easier for crews to access in the future for maintenance and repair. The work is intended to improve overall continued gas service reliability and efficiency.