Meter Reading

As mandated by federal and state regulations and as an important part of our safety and maintenance programs, Florida City Gas periodically conducts a physical survey of our natural gas mains, service lines and meter sets. Sometimes this may include the interior gas piping in your home or business leading up to the meter.

If you recently received a post card or door hanger at your premises, that means we attempted to access our meter for maintenance or other required activities and were unable to complete the work as a result of a locked gate or fenced in area.

By leaving a door hanger at your premises, we are not indicating that there is an issue at your premises. However, we do need to gain access to the natural gas meter to complete our maintenance check. Failing to provide access may cause your service to be interrupted.

If it is not convenient for us to return on the date indicated on the postcard or door hanger, please 800.993.7546 to schedule this maintenance check.

If we do not hear from you within thirty days of the final attempt indicated on the post card or door hanger, your natural gas service will be subject to interruption.

**If there is inclement weather the day we have scheduled to come to your premises, we will reschedule for another day.

Tips to Help Complete the Maintenance Check:

  • Locked Gate/Fence – Please leave the gate/fence unlocked on the day we are scheduled to visit.
  • Dog – Please have your dog moved away from the meter set and ensure the dog is unable to approach the technician.
  • Excess Vegetation or Trash/Debris – Please remove the hindrance prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Construction – Please provide a clear path to the meter.
  • Meter Inside – Please be available at the premise during the scheduled appointment.

If you rent and do not have access, please contact the owner of the building and have them call 800.993.7546.