Supplier Choice

Businesses in Florida can choose their suppliers of natural gas.

Here’s how it works: There are two main components of natural gas service: the natural gas itself (referred to as "supply") and the delivery of the natural gas through underground pipes (referred to as "transportation"). Because Florida City Gas is a regulated utility, we make no profit on the supply, but only on the delivery service – or “transportation.”

As the regulated utility, Florida City Gas provides and charges for the transportation service to your meter. But your business is free to shop around for a third-party supplier (or “marketer”) to provide your natural gas supply requirements. Or you can continue to rely on Florida City Gas to provide your gas supply.

Frequently Asked Questions on Transportation Service

Q: How will I know if a marketer can save me money on my natural gas costs?
A: The marketer will ask you to sign a form directing Florida City Gas to release your billing records for the previous 12 months. (We will not release any information about your account to a marketer without your approval). The marketer will then analyze the information and may provide you with a proposal showing how much you may save by buying your gas supply through them.

Q: What happens when I sign a contract with a marketer?
A: Once you sign a contract for natural gas supply, your marketer will coordinate with Florida City Gas’s Transportation Services Department on the delivery of the appropriate amounts of natural gas into the Florida City Gas delivery system. We will transport the gas to your meter.

Q: Can Florida City Gas recommend a marketer?
A: No. By law, Florida City Gas cannot recommend any particular marketer. Click here for a complete list of marketers that have signed third-party supplier agreements with our parent company to supply natural gas to Florida City Gas customers.

Q: As a small user of natural gas, why am I having difficulty getting a marketer to provide a proposal?
A: Actually, this is a result of competition in energy markets. In order to compete, many marketers have reduced their profit margins to a level that makes it impossible for them to make a profit offering to small volume customers at a competitive price. For most low-volume customers, Florida City Gas may offer the best price for their gas supply.