Ready to Start/Stop/Transfer or Add Natural Gas Service?

Whether your home is already set up to receive service or you need to have service installed, the professionals at Florida City Gas are ready to help you begin enjoying the comfort and reliability of natural gas.

Start service

Activate existing meter
It’s easy to start service if you already have a gas meter at your home or business. Call us to open an account at 800.993.7546.

Set up a new meter
If your home or business does not have a meter and you're ready to enjoy the comfort, reliability and performance of natural gas, call us at 800.993.7546 to get started. Check if there’s natural gas in your area >

Add service to additional appliances

Natural gas powers a variety of appliances including generators, stoves, water heaters, dryers, outdoor kitchens, and more. Our team of experts can help you save money while adding comfort to your home. Call us at 866.399.9775 to learn more.

Transfer your service

Call us at 800.993.7546 to transfer your natural gas service to a new address within our service area. Check if there’s natural gas in your area >

Stop your service

Choosing natural gas is the most efficient and environmentally-responsible way to get the comfort, reliability and performance you need. If you need to stop your Florida City Gas service, call us at 800.993.7546.