Pipeline Safety

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Florida City Gas is committed to maintaining a safe and reliable natural gas pipeline infrastructure that serves the needs of customers. 

We work closely with local/regional emergency response officials located near our pipeline facilities to ensure a better understanding of the nature of our infrastructure and our emergency preparedness plans.

Florida City Gas has developed a comprehensive Pipeline Integrity Management Plan Contact us for more information.

For Government and Emergency Response Officials
The National Pipeline Mapping System provides a list of pipeline operators within a specific county or ZIP code, including the appropriate contact information.

 The federal Office of Pipeline Safety has developed the Pipeline Integrity Management Mapping Application (PIMMA) for use by pipeline operators and federal, state and local government officials. PIMMA is intended to be used solely by the person who is given access by the Office of Pipeline Safety.

Anyone wishing to use PIMMA should contact the Office of Pipeline Safety directly to obtain access. The Office of Pipeline Safety monitors user activity and reserves the right to remove individual access rights.